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Live Smart with FOHAR


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FOHAR is a smart home on several levels:

Smart Location

Vitosha's clean air, green environment, calmness and quietness, as well as stunning views of the city, just 15 minutes from downtown Sofia, are a unique asset and guarantee of a more sustainable and healthy life for future FOHAR residents. Located on the main street between Boyana and Dragalevtsi, with its own public transport stop of the same name, FOHAR is in the center of breathtaking panoramic views - simultaneously over the entire city, next to the television tower and below the mountain you can enjoy daily. The location is easily accessible from the center of Sofia on two boulevards and close to restaurants, a grocery store, a children's center and a kindergarten, eco paths for relaxation and walking. All this makes FOHAR a smart choice for an excellent quality of life for anyone who does not want to live in the jungle of the overcrowded parts of the city.


Smart Technology

In a world where technology is changing our lives almost daily, FOHAR is a smart investment because it envisions your comfort in the long run, providing a rich array of smart home ready capabilities. Built-in smart home ready functionality will allow you to remotely control your security, unlock and heat your home with your phone on the go, or just before you leave the office. In order to upgrade your comfortable and well-planned home with the latest technological advances and beyond, the homes in the complex are equipped with wiring and infrastructure that will allow you to use the smart devices you will need in the future. This makes FOHAR a well thought out and smart solution that will allow you to improve your quality of life with even more ease and convenience as technology advances.


Smart Architecture

The aesthetic architecture and the well-planned and comfortable layout of the FOHAR apartments is developed by the famous architects Atanas Panov and Arch. Ivaylo Ignatov of LP Group, who have proven the style and quality of their work with some of the most modern, beautiful and functional buildings in Sofia. They plan the buildings in the complex so that there is enough air and light between them to prevent mountain views on one side and the city on the other. The space between the buildings is richly landscaped. The complex offers different sizes and types of apartments and studios with 1 to 4 bedrooms and a size of 60 to 150 square meters. The ceilings are high and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide incredible views and allow natural light and warmth to stay in your home as long as possible. All apartments are facing east, south or west, and all kitchens are designed as part of the living room space. Sufficient number of underground garages is provided for the convenience of the occupants. In the construction of the building they use high-end materials, providing quality microclimate and atmosphere in the home, in accordance with all requirements for high thermal efficiency.


Smart Investment

The reasonable average price of € 1000 excluding VAT per square meter when buying green guarantees a well thought out investment in the future that you cannot regret. The complex offers maintenance and an organized environment that meets your needs with all the necessary functions - beautiful shared spaces, gardens with benches, children's playground, fitness, spa, restaurant, security. FOHAR is a smart investment for young families and modern people looking for a sensible and peaceful life in the fresh air, close to the mountains in the heart of a breathtaking landscape.