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We at Europroperty believe that a smart location for living in Sofia is one that is both well-connected to the city center and work areas, but also has the necessary infrastructure. One that does not contribute to the overbuilding of the city, but recycles territories that are no longer used with their former functionalities. One that already has streets and bus stops. One that has enough space for buildings, for cars, but also for people. A location which offers a maintained environment and lots of greenery. A location with clean air that makes the most of Sofia's greatest natural asset - Vitosha.

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FOHAR is located on 77 Kumata street - the main street between Boyana and Dragalevtsi, with its own bus stop of the same name. There you can live in the center of a panoramic view - simultaneously towards the whole city, the television tower and the mountain, which will fill you with positive energy every day. At the same time the location is easily accessible from the center of Sofia and the main office areas along two boulevards. Or in a nutshell - a smart life on every level of this modern concept.