The Project — Fohar

The Project

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Your Smarthome in Boyana

FOHAR residential complex has 204 apartments and studios with functional layouts and panoramic views of the city and mountains, which are expected to be completed in 2024. They are provided beautiful inter-block spaces, underground parking spaces, children's playgrounds, gym and restaurant.




Designers are the famous architects Atanas Panov and Ivaylo Ignatov from the architectural studio "LP Arch" Ltd., which has proven the style and quality of its work with some of the most modern, beautiful and functional buildings in Sofia.

The architecture is thought in the context of the surrounding complex of the environment and in step with the latest technological innovations and sustainable materials.

The architecture is thought in the context of the environment that surrounds the complex and in step with the latest technological innovations and sustainable materials.




The landscape concept is distinguished by its exceptional attention to the surrounding nature. The emphasis is on seasonal dynamics, which shows a living natural landscape, constantly changing its appearance. The compositions of the gardens recreate natural plant communities, emphasizing the wild aesthetics. In this way, the architecture is integrated into the already existing natural environment and predisposes to a more complete rest.

The landscape concept is the work of landscape architects Hristo Bozhidarov, Maria Hristova, Petar Parzulov and Veselin Yordanov from LP Group.





Smart homes are not somewhere in the future, they are in the gated community of Fohar. Fohar apartments have built-in Smart Home Ready technologies, which you can control with your smartphone. That greatly improves your home’s security. No matter where you are, you can easily lock and unlock the door, turn on and off the security system and regulate the temperature of the apartment. You’ll never again have to come back to a hot home in the summer or to a cold one in the winter. Neither will you have to worry if you forgot to lock the doors or turn on the alarm.

The homes in the complex provide comfort ahead of time, when you will be able to upgrade your comfortable and well-planned home with the latest technological innovations. To this end, they are equipped with cabling and infrastructure, that will allow you to install any new smart enhancement and technology you will need in the future.




The buildings are designed with a monolithic, reinforced concrete structure. The partitioning walls, 25 cm and 12 cm are made of ceramic brickwork. Parts of the facade will be lined with natural stone and brick cladding. During the execution of the facade are used heat and waterproofing materials with guaranteed high quality, providing the necessary microclimate. The solid parts of the facades are thermal facades with a finishing facade plaster including EPS thermal insulation.

You can see more details here: Materials


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Smart Investment in a Balanced Lifestyle

The complex offers a maintained and organized environment that meets your needs with all the necessary functionalities - beautiful inter-block spaces, gardens with benches, children's playground, gym, restaurant, security.

FOHAR is a smart investment for young families and modern people looking for a reasonable and peaceful life, in the fresh air, next to the mountain in a settled environment.