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Your smarthome in Boyana

Fohar is a gated residential complex in Boyana. The apartments are built with built-in technologies that you control through your phone, offer you the clean air of the mountain and are at a good price.

Features and highlights

Smart home ready


Fohar apartments have built-in Smart Home Ready technologies, which you can control with your smartphone. That greatly improves your home’s security. No matter where you are, you can easily lock and unlock the door, turn on and off the security system and regulate the temperature of the apartment. You’ll never again have to come back to a hot home in the summer or to a cold one in the winter. Neither will you have to worry if you forgot to lock the doors or turn on the alarm.

Smart homes are not somewhere in the future, they are in the gated community of Fohar.



A great many researches link fresh air with longer life and nature contemplation with higher productivity and concentration. Fohar offers you both.

Each of our living spaces takes care of your body and soul even without any additional efforts on your side. And when we add the coziness of an ideal home, then buying a Fohar apartment proves to be the perfect balance between the rational and the enjoyable.



Our architects and constructors use only the highest quality materials. Our buildings are famous for the attention to detail and the perfect maintenance.

The living units vary from 60 to 150 m2 and the open areas between the buildings are spacious and full of greenery.

All of that, together with the professional maintenance service, which you’ll have at your disposal, makes it clear that in Fohar the calm and easy life is a guarantee.

Ботаническаградина ул. „Околовръстен път“ Националенисторически музей Боянскацърква музей ул. „Кумата“ киноцентърБояна бул. България
Ботаническаградина ул. „Околовръстен път“ Националенисторически музей Боянскацърква музей ул. „Кумата“ киноцентърБояна бул. България
  • 111
    Кв. Манастирски ливади

    Разстояние: 4,6 км.

  • 111
    Квартал "Бояна"
  • 111
    Резиденция "Бояна"

    Разстояние: 3,4 км. с автомобил, 1,4 км. пеша

  • 111
    Боянска църква

    Разстояние: 1,3 км. с автомобил, 1 км. пеша

  • 111
    Природен парк Витоша

    Разстояние: 41 км.

  • 111
    Еделвайс 3
  • 111
    Ботаническа градина

    Разстояние: 3,1 км.

The residential complex "Fohar" is located in Sofia, Boyana quarter, above the Boyana residence and in close proximity to Bulgaria Blvd and Ring Road (77, Kumata Str.), providing direct access to the city.

The area is preferred because of the clean air and close proximity to Vitosha Nature Park, which guarantees tranquility and coziness in nature.

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