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Smart Architecture

umna arhitektura

Smart architecture may not yet be a term that is permanently present in our vocabulary, but in the future it will enter the market more and more dynamically. For the consumer, who is accustomed to relying on technology as an extension of his hand, it will be more and more normal to use a digital ecosystem to manage the daily activities in his home. Therefore, the leading advantage will be the architecture, which at the design stage provides technological solutions and connectivity with which we can remotely control heating, video surveillance, locking and any other household activities that can be upgraded with new technological solutions in the future.

In addition to smart home ready connectivity, the architecture of the new FOHAR complex from Europroperty is "smart" on at least a few more levels. In today's world, smart or sustainable behavior is one that does not over-consume, but reuses and recycles. That is why the investor behind FOHAR chooses for his latest project to recycle an industrial site - the eponymous photo paper factory in Boyana district in Sofia, which has not been used for years, but has good connections with the city and is accessible by two key boulevards and its own public transport stop.

The aesthetic architecture and the well-planned and comfortable layouts of the apartments in FOHAR are the work of the famous architects Atanas Panov and Ivaylo Ignatov. The architectural studio "LP Arch" Ltd. has proven the style and quality of its work with some of the most modern, beautiful and functional buildings in Sofia. The main goal in their work on the project is to arrange the buildings in the complex so that there is enough air and light between them, so as not to interfere with the view of the mountain on one side and the city on the other. For maximum comfort of the inhabitants, the space between the buildings is richly landscaped.

The complex offers different sizes and types of apartments and studios with 1 to 4 bedrooms and an area of 60 to 200 square meters. The apartments and studios with more than one bedroom have more bathrooms, and the four-room apartments have a separate closet space for the master bedroom. The ceilings are 296 cm high (clear height), and the floor-to-ceiling windows guarantee the amazing view and allow the natural light and warmth to stay in your home for a long time every day thanks to the favorable exposure. All apartments are facing east, south or west, and the studios offer incredible views of Sofia. To ensure even more space and comfort in the home, all kitchens are designed as part of the living room space. Underground garages are provided for the convenience of the residents.

The safety and security of the construction of the dwellings is guaranteed by a beamless monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton, and the bearing vertical elements absorb the vertical and horizontal forces from wind and earthquake. The partition walls will be made of ceramic bricks, and the installation packages will be closed with standard plasterboard partition and shaft walls. The walls of the dry rooms will be finished with machine gypsum plaster, gypsum plaster and water-based paint. The walls of the wet rooms will be covered with lining plaster and technical porcelain or faience cladding. In all wet spaces, a complete wall treatment with a waterproofing system is planned before the cladding is applied. In the areas for garages, warehouses and installation rooms the floor will be made of polished concrete with slopes to the linear drains. In the other areas there will be cement screed and granite flooring.

For an even more modern, environmentally friendly and stylish look, the lower part of the residential building will be covered with a green roof garden, and the tiles under it will be secured with heat-insulating suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are also provided in the foyers, the sanitary facilities in the apartments, in the floor corridors and the stairwells. The facades will have thermal insulation and facade plaster made of EPS thermal insulation with a thickness of 10 cm. Typical parts of the facades will be covered with natural stone or brick cladding. The glazing will be made of high quality triple-glazed aluminum windows. There will be decorative metal grilles in front of the opening windows. The construction of the building will use heat and waterproofing materials with guaranteed high quality, providing quality microclimate and atmosphere in the home, according to all requirements for high thermal efficiency, to ensure your sustainable, energy saving and "smart" life at home.