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Smart Location

Умна локация

But what does a smart location mean in the context of Sofia? Does it mean investing in a property in the city center, where you have the best transport links, kindergartens, shops and entertainment? In a residential area with a decided urban planning, but older construction and highly polluted air, or in a modern home in a new neighborhood, but with a lack of public spaces and normal connectivity. We will certainly meet supporters and critics of all three options.

However, we at Europroperty believe that the smart location for living in Sofia is one that is both well connected to the city center and work areas, but also has the necessary infrastructure. The one that does not contribute to the redevelopment of the city but recycles areas that are no longer used for their intended purpose. The one that already has streets next to it and public transport stops. The one with enough space for buildings, for cars, but also for people. This location that offers a maintained environment and lots of greenery. Location with fresh air, which makes the most of the greatest natural resource of Sofia - Vitosha.

That is why we are investing in the construction of the FOHAR residential complex to offer you our perspective on smart location and smart living, which includes a clean, orderly and maintained environment, but also smart architecture, sustainable materials and modern smart technologies. In short, a smart life in every dimension of this modern concept.

The standard definition of a smart home in the world includes a building that integrates quality construction, energy-saving building materials and modern technologies and systems. Wiring rooms and sensors that you can control remotely, that save energy and that we can upgrade in the future to keep up with technology.

At FOHAR we have planned all this, but in addition to the clean air of Vitosha, the green environment, peace and quiet, as well as incredible views of the city, just 15 minutes from the center of Sofia. FOHAR is located on the main street between Boyana and Dragalevtsi, with its own public transport stop of the same name. There you can live in the center of a panoramic view – at the same time to the whole city, the TV tower and the mountain, which fills you with positive energy every day. At the same time, the location is easily accessible from the center of Sofia and the main office areas on two boulevards.

FOHAR's location in the aristocratic Boyana offers everything you need - restaurants, a grocery store, a children's center and a kindergarten. Unlike any other place in Sofia, however, here you have nearby eco-trails for recreation, Boyana Church, the National History Museum and an exclusive selection of routes for nature walks outside the city.

The complex offers an organized environment and constant maintenance to meet your needs with all the necessary features - beautiful inter-block spaces, gardens with benches, children's playground, gym, swimming pool, restaurant, security. future, which you can not regret.

And so we at Euro Property prove our conviction that FOHAR meets the three main criteria for a smart choice of property with its location, which will guarantee you an excellent quality of life!