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Smart Technologies

Smart technology

At FOHAR, we make these trends a reality. Our built-in smart home ready features will allow you to remotely control the security of your home, unlock the front door before you reach its doorstep or sustainably manage your heating and save money and energy by running the heating in one go via the phone on the way for your home.

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence in the new decade, we are expected to fully immerse ourselves in the Internet of Things. Our "smartest" homes will have technologies that they can get to know us better than ourselves. The field of robotics will give us machines that will offer assistance in cleaning, cooking and more. New sensors will take care of our good health, fitness, etc.

At Fohar, we are prepared for this future. The homes in the complex provide comfort ahead of time, when you will be able to upgrade your comfortable and well-planned home with the latest technological innovations. To this end, they are equipped with cabling and infrastructure, with which you will be able to install any new smart enhancement and technology that you will need in the future.

In the world of the future, digital ecosystems create the comforts we will live with. Designed to make our lives better, sustainable and efficient, these technological solutions and connectivity are the last of the three levels, along with smart location and smart architecture, that shape Europroperty's vision of a truly modern and smart life.

With FOHAR, we are part of the fast-growing global segment of smart homes and offer a smart investment for anyone looking for a sensible, orderly and peaceful life, close to the mountains and the city.